Was Kennen Not Nerfed Enough On The New Wild Rift Patch

Kennen received a HUGE Nerf on the Wild Rift 2.1 patch but was it enough to balance him? In this of Legends: Wild Rift Kennen gameplay I will tell you exactly that! I will also show you the best Kennen build in Wild Rift, which I already showed you in my ''Kennen is completely BROKEN in Wild Rift! (Build + Tips)'' video, and on top of that an amazingly clean Kennen gameplay, in fact, my very best Kennen gameplay so far! You'll see some crazy Kennen outplays, which will make you think that Kennen is still OP! All in all, though, Kennen is definitely much closer to a balanced state than on the last Wild Rift patch, he's still definitely insanely strong. I would still put him in an S tier position and Kennen is still the best Baron Laner in Wild Rift. Luckily for all us non Kennen players, his ultimate nerf is definitely very impactful and he won't be one-shotting your whole team anymore, he will still deal a seizable amount of damage, though. Hope you'll enjoy this pro Kennen gameplay in LOL Mobile!

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