State Of Decay 2 Beyond Lethal Zone The Darkside Mod Episode 6

After a long while we are jumping in to our modded difficulty of SOD 2. This is the hardest version of the game.

You can Download this Mod here on Nexus :

Darkside Redux is the remake version of Darkside mod from absolute scratch.
This will be a large overhaul of the game in a long run.

Spawn Effects
* Base and Plague Variants of Freaks can spawn
* The Murder Pack horde, consisting 3 of each version of the Feral
* Plague Hearts have a total of 630 Health

Gameplay Effects
* Vision and Aggro of Zeds are modified
* Level 2 Ammo Outpost can craft a select few of pistol rounds and shotgun rounds
* Level 2 Outpost no longer cost 2000 Influence to Upgrade
* Fabricator Shop and Utilities Complex buildings from Heartland can be built
* Removed Survivor Requirement to Claim Bases
* Plague Sample Drop Rate has been significantly reduced
* Water is required to craft Plague Samples
* Plague Busters can be crafted from the Biochem Station
* Plague Busters persist outside of Heartland
* Damage Taken by the Player is significantly increased [Only Player Controlled Characters]
* Plague Hearts will actively defend itself in it's gas phases
* Increased the safe zones of claimed outpost by 30%
* Removed the Gun and CQC drops of Plague Hearts and replaced with consumables
* Starting Vehicle is randomized
* Only Food Rucksacks can spawn inside the Starting Vehicle
* Improved Human AI [Kudos to Zod]
* Improved Flashlight

This Mod Again has been created by Zeru so if you guys want to show him some love and support you can hit him up with a pay pal dono. He does all this work for free so i try to help him out as much as possible.
Zerus Pay Pal Link:

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