How Tokyo Ghoul Explores Love Anime Discussion

Tokyo Ghoul is a massively popular series to watch from Sui Ishida, following Ken Kaneki as he's forced into an order-less, dark world of mania and monsters. There's no redo's here. The anime analyses many ideas, from what it means to be human, to individual will, and even love. Despite the factions like the CCG, Aogiri Tree, and Anteiku trying to chainsaw the others, Tokyo Ghoul discusses what love is, coded into the characters Touka, Nishiki, Kaneki, and Rize. Each brings a different look at the theme, complete with its own layers of development that we'll watch today...

Although the anime follows Ken Kaneki for the most part, it's an interesting discussion given he has little impact on the plot in season one, doing much more in Root A, and the :re seasons. The other characters, like Nishiki or Touka are much more direct and impactful, and there's some like Rize or Yamori who kick of the action. This is one of the qualities that deepens the exploration of love in this series. Is it more passive and individual, requiring sacrifice, or is it about weakness and acceptance on both sides? Or... none of these things? Let's find out exactly what it says right now...

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