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Today we push the limits of Super Mario 3D World and Bowser's Fury modding by doing all kinds of funny Mario experiments with skates, goal poles, mega mushrooms, goal doors, lava, water, and dropping out of bounds below the level (with death areas modded out for Mario's safety)!

There are some hilarious animations that you can see from Mario in some of these glitchy states, and it's so funny to see Mario with the wrong animations/ glitchy animations!

If you find Mario with the wrong animations funny, you might like this: (I gave Mario the wrong animations in Bowser's Fury)

Or, you might enjoy these videos that I mentioned in today's video!

Floor is lava Super Mario 3D World -

What happens if the World Map has items and enemies in Super Mario 3D World? -

Intro/ explanation - 0:00
Mega mushroom + skate - 0:06
Skate + mega mushroom - 0:17
Mario going lower into the skate - 0:35
Skate + clear pipe - 0:48
Weird skate animation - 1:00
Mega mushroom Mario + clear pipes - 1:16
Goal door in a normal level - 1:32
Trampolines with 0 jump height - 1:55
Warp box and trampolines + giant Mario in skate - 2:19
Giant Mario on trampolines - 2:53
Jump panels for giant Mario - 3:06
Goal pole with giant Mario - 3:13
Giant Mario skates + jump panels - 3:30
Skate + goal pole - 3:45
Skate + lava - 3:59
Lava hitboxes - 4:20
Giant Mario on skate in lava - 4:47
Water below the level - 5:10
Water at Pipeline Lagoon - 5:25
Destrucible pipe in Pipeline Lagoon - 5:33
Funny Mario skating animations - 5:56
Mario in skate in deeper water - 6:22
Giant skate Mario in deep water - 6:35
World map skating - 6:40
Stairs with skate and giant Mario hilarious animations - 6:56
Hilarious shrunken Mario animations - 7:24

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