Anime Picture Quiz Peephole Edition 30 Pictures

Welcome to a new Anime Picture Quiz, this time you will only be able to see the photo through 4 peepholes (approx. 25% of the picture). I had a lot of fun making this video so I hope you also have fun. If you enjoyed like and subscribe, it will really help.I hope that you can understand my reasoning behind some of my choices, if not please let me know in the comments what you don't agree with so I can make changes for the next videos.

Also if you have any feedback, it would be really helpful and it would help me improve future videos. If you have any OPs or EDs that you would like to see also let me know and I will feature them in a future video.

And don't forget to let me know how many you got right. See you next time.

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I do not own any of the media shown in this video. All rights are reserved to the their owners.
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