2 Barbaric Cold Cases From Japan

The neon lights of Tokyo; fun Nintendo games; intricate kimonos and the breathtaking sight of Mt Fuji; these are just some of the amazing things that we associate with Japan. But the country is also famous for its odd justice system where, up until recently, there was a strict statute of limitations on most of its dark and disturbing crimes. In today’s episode of Cold-Case Detective, we’ll be exploring two barbaric cold cases from Japan.

0:00 Introduction
01:35 The Vending Machine Murders
10:33 Akio Kashiwagi

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Cold Case Detective was created by TJ Ruesch and the team behind Top5s & DestinationDeclassified. Our aim is to educate and spread awareness on some of the most puzzling missing person cases in history...

This is Cold Case Detective, shutting the blinds on unsolved mysteries as we seek to heat up another...
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